Latinx Immigrants of Iowa is proud to promote “Tu Voto Cuenta” as part of our commitment to civic engagement and empowerment within the Latino community. We recognize the immense power of the vote as a means to effect positive change and advocate for the interests of our community.

Through the “Tu Voto Cuenta” initiative, we are dedicated to encouraging Iowa Latinos to register to vote, participate in elections and make their voices heard on the issues that affect their lives and communities. Here’s how we are working to promote voter registration and participation:

Digital campaigns and social media outreach: We use digital platforms and social media channels to raise awareness about voter registration deadlines, polling places and important election dates. Through targeted messaging in Spanish, we reach out to Latino communities online and encourage voter participation.

Cultural Relevance and Community Connection: We highlight the cultural relevance of voting and its impact on issues that directly affect Latino communities, such as immigration reform, access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity. By highlighting the connection between voting and community empowerment, we inspire Latinos to participate in the political process.

Through “Tu Voto Cuenta,” Latinx Immigrants of Iowa is working to build a more inclusive and representative democracy where Latinos’ voices are heard and respected. By registering to vote and participating in elections, Iowa Latinos can make a difference and shape the future of our state and our nation.